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Friday, 19/07/2024
Literate & Competitive workforce
Tuesday, 01/09/2020 06:51

Vietnam has a population of 90.73 million people (13thlargest in the world) expected to grow to 100 million in 2020 with an annualgrowth rate of 1.2%. Over 50% of the population is 25 years or younger.Possessing, highly skilled, young workers with an extraordinary work ethic andliteracy rate of more than 90%, the Vietnamese are equipped with a high levelof education and are prepared to serve in high skilled industries likeinformation technology, pharmaceuticals and financial services, at a morecompetitive cost than other countries in the region.

The unemployment ratewithin the labor age group in 2014 was2.08%, of which it was 3.43% forurban area and 1.47% for ruralarea (in 2013, corresponding rates were3.59% and 1.54%). The underemployment rate within the labor age group in2014was 2.45%, of which it was 1.18% for urban area and 3.01% for rural area (in 2013, correspondingrates were 2.75%, 1.48% and 3.31%).

The population consists of 54ethnic groups, of which 88% is Viet (Kinh) and the remaining 12% is ethnicminorities such as the Tay, Thai, Hoa (Chinese), Khmer, Hmong and others. theGovernment has given priority to developing quality training and education system.

Vietnamese is the official language. The modern written language uses theVietnamese alphabet, a Romanized representation of spoken Vietnamese.

While English is increasingly favored as a secondlanguage, other languages used to a lesser extent in Vietnam are French, Russian, Chinese, Khmer and mountain area languages (Mon-Khmer andMalayo-Polynesian).