Ministry of Planning and Investment
Friday, 19/07/2024
Safe and Stable destination
Tuesday, 01/09/2020 06:51

In a region of the world where some countries remain vulnerable to political and economic instability, Vietnam has benefited from its stable government and social structure, making it an ideal place for capital investment. After 40 years of peace and development, Vietnam has become one of the reliable investment destinations for many countries due to its political stability and consistency. One of the most important factors for FDI enterprises to choose to invest in Vietnam is security.

Vietnam is a one-party state run by the collective leadership of the Communist Party Secretary-General, the Prime Minister (PM) and the President. Policy is set every five years by the Party congress and adjusted twice a year by plenary meetings of the Central Committee. The Government and other state organs are responsible for implementing policy.
The National Assembly has the power to approve and revise the Constitution and Laws, make important decisions on national matters (policies on internal and foreign affairs, socio-economic factors, political factors, security factors, operations of state bodies), and supervise all operations of state bodies.

The President, as Head of State, represents The Socialist Republic of Vietnam on internal and foreign affairs. The Government is the highest administrative state body of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and responsible for executing and managing political, economic, cultural, social, national defence, security and foreign affairs of the state bodies. Ministries are responsible for the execution of state power in the certain industry or sector. People’s Committee (province, district, and commune) governs management affairs within its administrative location, manages, directs, operates daily activities of local state bodies and executes policies of the relevant People’s Council and higher state bodies.