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Minister Nguyen Chi Dung speaking at the Meeting: MPI
(MPI) - Program of Connecting Vietnam Innovation Network 2018, organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Foreign Affairs, Education and Training, with the desire to gather Vietnamese technology experts around the world to come together and share the visions, strategies in order to access, utilize achievements of Industry 4.0 in Vietnam. The Program will take place from 18th to August 24th, 2018.

In the context of robust global growth in science and technology that has engendered profound changes to the manufacturing and production capacity of many countries, the ability to access and utilize science and technology advances is requisite for each economy not to be left behind in the era of Industry 4.0. The Communist Party, the State and the Government of Vietnam always consider this as a particularly propitious juncture for Vietnam to access and take full advantage of new science and technology advances in economic development, contributing to the pursuit of rapid and sustainable growth in the future.

To achieve targeted goals, we must study and apply new science and technology in the sectors and fields of Vietnam's economic life. At the same time, it is necessary to attract, train and develop human resources to serve the application of science and technology, especially to attract Vietnamese talents working abroad.

To prepare for the organization of the Program of Connecting Vietnam Innovation Network 2018, on August 2nd, 2018, under the chairmanship of Minister Nguyen Chi Dung, the Ministry of Planning and Investment organized a meeting among working groups to discuss the plan to organize the Program. Attending the meeting were representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology, Office of the Government, Viettel Group and localities where the Program will take place.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung said that the Program of Connecting Vietnam Innovation Network is an activity within the framework of developing the construction of the Impact Assessment Scheme and the formulation of national strategy on the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which the Government has assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment to preside over and coordinate with the Ministry of Science and Technology in Resolution No. 23/NQ-CP dated April 8th, 2018.

The Program is an initiative of the Ministry of Planning and Investment to gather and mobilize the maximum resources of gray matter, especially from Vietnamese experts who are well trained and working in countries with developed science and technology foundation. These experts will be a crucial resource to ensure the success in the implementation of the strategy of the Industry 4.0, through that, bringing about the technological changes in Vietnam, allowing the country to transform vigorously, in harmony with the global headway.

The target of the Program is to share visions and strategic viewpoints of leaders of the Communist Party, the State and the Government on opportunities to access and utilize the current science and technology achievements in key sectors and fields, serving the goal of fast and sustainable socio-economic development in the coming time. To attract the attention and contribution of overseas Vietnamese intellectuals who are studying and working in leading sectors, fields of science and technology to directly participate in, right from the beginning, the deployment of science and technology development strategies in Vietnam in the coming time.

At the Meeting: MPI

At the same time, creating a network connecting Vietnamese intellectuals abroad with science and technology teams in Vietnam, creating flexible working and cooperation mechanisms for domestic and foreign experts when participate in national strategic projects, programs to ensure active participation and mobilize the maximum creativity in accordance with the commitment of each individual to develop science and technology in Vietnam.

The Program will open opportunities to participate directly in major science and technology projects and activities in Vietnam and the ability to connect with authorities, intellectuals, and the business community. Within the framework of the Program, representatives will attend the Vietnam Innovation Network Launching Ceremony and discuss on development fields of science and technology in Vietnam, visit Quang Ninh’s administrative agency and connect with intellectuals, researchers engaged in technology,…/.

Hien Nguyen
Ministry of Planning and Investment

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