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Mr. Yasuo Nishitohge, General Director of AEON VIETNAM CO., LTD
On June 11, 2018, AEON organized the first meeting called "AEON Suppliers Conference" with more than 150 partners to mark the 5th anniversary of operation in Vietnam market of AEON VIETNAM. In order to turn the cooperation into a new period, through "AEON Suppliers Conference", the AEON Association aims to arrange a meeting where partners could share and learn to develop together. The conference honorably welcomed representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, from People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, media and partners who contributed to the development and prosperity of AEON Vietnam. Importantly, most of them had worked with AEON Vietnam, AEON TOPVALU and AEON Retail Japan in the initial stage and gone through the intensive time together to accomplish the success.

During this conference, AEON openly shared a business policy of domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam market; a strategy of product development for domestic consumption and export. In parallel with a future plan, AEON Vietnam put their emphasis on 3 product lines: Food, Apparel & Fashion and Household & Home Appliance. They expect that demand for these goods would increase more steadily. AEON commits to making great effort to promote the diversity of products, motivating local consumption, improving the Vietnamese living standards and boosting exports from Vietnam to Japan and other Asian countries.

Furthermore, AEON also granted the outstanding Awards to two partners that have already had the excellent performance and actively cooperated with AEON throughout the 5-year journey. One by one, each company virtually became a member of a whole family. At the time, AEON Vietnam hopes that they can encourage and engage more enterprises who could join and expand the network of AEON suppliers in the future.

Working as a trustworthy retailer in the Japan market, AEON made the most of 250-year experience with 179 companies inside and outside Japan. And AEON TOPVALU is a private brand created and developed by AEON Group with high standards and strict quality management from planning to production and distribution. In Vietnam, more than 100 TOPVALU products have been imported directly from Japan and Malaysia that are being sold at AEON shopping centers and supermarkets.

As a response to the favor from suppliers who create the flourishing development, AEON Association gradually holds events or activities for the partners.  And the first one is 'AEON Suppliers Conference'. AEON Association is one of the long-standing traditions of AEON Group - the market leader in the retail field. Founded in 1969, AEON Association used to be called 'JUSCO Association' with 240 members initially. To this day, AEON Association has 7 branches and a total of 835 members. All the members are suppliers, partners and so on. Each plays the important and strategic role in the development of AEON Group so far.

'AEON Supplier Conference' with the upcoming activities brings benefits to not only suppliers but also customers.

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